Introductory Course: The Wisdom Within

Since 1960, the Auckland School of Philosophy has offered courses to people wanting to change their lives for the better. The courses take a very practical approach influenced by the wisdom, teachings and traditions of both the East and West. No prior study or understanding of philosophy is required to attend.

The 9-week introductory course, The Wisdom Within, is held at a range of times and days, onsite at locations in Auckland and Hamilton, as well as online via the popular and easy medium of Zoom. 

In each group session, tutors and students discuss themes from a variety of philosophies and wisdom traditions. These can be applied directly and practically to your own individual life experiences. A tried and trusted mindfulness practice is introduced and maintained throughout the course.

The Wisdom Within is followed by courses exploring major philosophical themes such as Happiness, Love, Freedom, Presence of Mind, and Meditation.

Looking to learn more about the School of Philosophy? Gain some insights featuring Barrie Preston.

To become a part of our community, simply bring a genuine spirit of inquiry and an open mind. Our philosophy is not confined to academia, and no prior study is necessary. We welcome individuals who are eager to explore and learn, regardless of their educational background.
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Returning Students

Returning Students are very welcome to apply to rejoin School of Philosophy courses.
Simply email us at giving your name and address. Our email response will give you details of: the recommended next course; start dates; and fees. Any information you give us is confidential and only used to update our past student database.

About The School of Philosophy Auckland

For over 60 years, we have been dedicated to providing continuous courses in practical philosophy in Auckland. Our offerings include an introductory course in Philosophy and Mindfulness, with subsequent courses focusing on themes like Happiness, Love, and Presence of Mind. Upon completing the Introductory Course, students have the opportunity to participate in a short course that introduces a traditional and proven meditation practice.

In addition to our courses, we foster active interest groups that delve into fascinating subjects such as the Sanskrit language, Economics, and the Greek philosophers.

As an organization, we are proud to be entirely comprised of our student body, which consists of approximately 250 students. Our activities are guided by an elected Executive Committee composed of senior students, ensuring a student-centered approach.

Discover the transformative power of philosophy with us at the School of Philosophy.
Course Inspiration
The courses are inspired by the ancient Eastern concept of Advaita and also draw from a wide range of other philosophic and spiritual traditions including Christianity, Platonism, Taoism, Buddhism,…
Thought for the day
“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matter, compared to what lies within us."

Ralph Waldo Emerson
About the School
The School of Philosophy is a registered charity that has offered courses in practical philosophy continuously for over 60 years in Auckland.

I have to say that, in all my years of questing, the school of philosophy was the catalyst that propelled me into my current experience of completion, tranquillity, appreciation, acceptance. While I left the school five years ago, its impact has transformed my life.

The Courses

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Introductory Course:
The Wisdom Within
Are you looking to simplify, clarify, and enhance your own perspective and self-awareness?
Following the Introductory Course
Philosophy and Happiness
The desire for happiness is such a driving force that if we can understand the true nature of happiness, we have gone a long way to understanding ourselves and the nature of the world in which we live.
Following the philosophy and happiness Course
Philosophy and Love
We start with the proposition that love is an essential part of human nature, and an impelling force behind all actions. We explore the difference between pure and impure love.
Following the philosophy and love Course
Philosophy and Presence of Mind
This course explores the benefits of presence of mind. With emphasis on what can be put into actual practice we examine the power of thought, decision, love, and will.
Peace and calm
Following the Philosophy and Presence of Mind course
This course explores the benefits from meditating. The meditation is a very traditional form of mantra-based practice, which is ancient but also ideal for our contemporary Western lifestyle.
Following the Meditation Course
This course is designed to assist in the understanding and penetration of Advaita texts. It is a language full of beauty, both in its use of pure sounds and in the physical structure of its alphabet.
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