The School of Philosophy, Auckland, is part of an international group of schools who share a similar approach and values. We operate from two sites in Auckland and one in Hamilton. 

There is also a sister school of philosophy based in Wellington.

People from all over NZ attend our online courses.


In 1937 the School of Philosophy and Economic Science was founded in London to teach the principles of natural law governing economics. This led to an expansion into philosophy, and especially how philosophy may be made practical for thoughtful people looking to refine and deepen their understanding of life. Since then, many schools have been founded around the world.


The School of Philosophy, Auckland, was founded in 1960 to make the philosophical study begun in London available in the Auckland region.
Throughout its history, tutors at the Auckland school have worked to make practical philosophy and its related subjects available to as many people as possible throughout Auckland and Hamilton. Some of our students have joined us for just one term and others have remained with us for decades.

The London School

To find out more about the school in London, please head to their website:

If you are interested in attending the School of Philosophy but are not based in Auckland or Hamilton, we would recommend that you consider attending one of the schools listed below. To find out more about each individual school please click on their website link and contact them directly.

Our Sister School in Wellington

Find out more at
(04) 801 9823 Philosophy House, 33 Aro Street

Schools of Philosophy around the world

0800 610 539
268 West Tamaki Road
Wai O Taiki Bay
Auckland 1072
Mt Eden location
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