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On completion of the Introductory Course and you're experiencing the benefits of practical philosophy in your life, we welcome you to enrol for our follow-on courses outlined below.
Philosophy and Happiness
The desire for happiness is such a driving force that if we can understand the true nature of happiness, we have gone a long way to understanding ourselves and the nature of the world in which we live.

We consider questions such as: What is happiness? Is it natural to us? How may it be experienced fully, and how is it lost? Is it permanent or transient? What is the effect of gaining happiness at the expense of another person’s happiness?
Philosophy and Love
We start with the proposition that love is an essential part of human nature, and an impelling force behind all actions. We explore the difference between pure and impure love.

Pure love is untainted by selfishness, unrestricted by any sense of limit. Pure love is also within oneself, and is conducive to a full, rich and inclusive life.

With pure love there is stillness, the heart is at rest. We explore the need to look beyond appearances to understand the true nature of ourselves and others.
Philosophy and Presence of Mind
This course explores the benefits of presence of mind. With emphasis on what can be put into actual practice we examine the power of thought, decision, love, and will. 

This leads to the discovery of what being in the present has to teach us about the ease and simplicity with which events unfold when we are in tune with our innate powers of mind and heart.
In addition to the follow-on courses students can enrol for a short course in meditation. 

The meditation is a very traditional form of mantra -based practice, which is ancient but also ideal for our contemporary Western lifestyle. Students report very significant benefits from meditating and it is a central offering of the School of Philosophy. The meditation course runs for 4 weeks online on Zoom and is attended in addition to one of the regular courses above. Following the preparatory online classes students attend a face-to-face meeting to receive the Mantra which will become the means of this system of meditation. Intake dates, and course cost will be advised.
Why Sanskrit?
The study of Sanskrit is designed to assist in the understanding and penetration of Advaita texts. It is a language full of beauty, both in its use of pure sounds and in the physical structure of its alphabet. Moreover, it Illuminates the grammar and etymology of language and helps to expand the depth and appreciation of our own language. The great English philologist, Sir William Jones, had this to say: ‘The Sanscrit language…is of a wonderful structure; more perfect than the Greek, more copious than the Latin, and more exquisitely refined than either.’

The study of Sanskrit is made available after a period in philosophy classes in the School.
It is only offered to enrolled students. This foundation course of nine terms, begins with the alphabet, then continues with simple sentences, pronunciation, grammatical and philosophical concepts. After this, more advanced courses may be offered.

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