The Methodology of Wisdom

In our sessions we discuss various ideas and concepts.

In each session we also discuss our findings from the previous week and we review what we have discovered.
This brings about a greater understanding.

The methodology of wisdom (and not mere information) is:

  • Introduction to concept.
  • Practice and apply in our own life.
  • Review and discuss as a group what we found.
  • Understanding emerges.
  • Repeat.

As a general principle, it is better neither to accept nor to reject concepts as they are given, but to put them into practice with an open mind.
In that way we can see whether they have any validity or not.
Do they hold water under examination and in practice.

Although the tutor presents the material, a lot can be learned from our observations and the observations of other students.
This is a significant element in the course.

The Philosophical model, going back thousands of years, to a large extent involves pairs or groups rather than individual pursuit.
As humans we learn and practice and learn better in a social context.

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