Wisdom and Happiness

The word ‘philosophy’ is derived from two Greek words: philo: love and sophia: wisdom.
Thus philosophy is the love of wisdom. So what is wisdom?

Philosophy is not just for academics. It is open to anyone.
Do we know anyone or have we heard of anyone whom we think of as wise?
What is it about them that makes us think they are wise?

What qualities do they have?

This need not be only public or famous figures. It could be anyone.
Focus on the qualities of wisdom rather than the particular people.
The dictionary definition of wisdom is ‘experience and knowledge together with the power of applying them practically’.

It is possible to be wise about particular things or activities. We may, for example, call a doctor wise.
That would mean he or she has experience and knowledge of medicine and is able to apply these practically. The same might be said of anyone who has acquired a mastery of any particular subject or activity.

The idea of Philosopy is not to be a wise doctor, or a wise anything else, but to be wise people.
When we use the word ‘wisdom’ we mean . . . the knowledge which will enable a person to live truly and happily.
The activity that the knowledge relates to is life itself. Wisdom is the knowledge that can enable us to master the art of living.

We spend a lot of time mastering many aspects of life - professional life, family life, skills, jobs, sports, etc.
But what about mastering life as a whole?
Living artfully and happily.

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